Good News! Our factory now offers wholesale and OEM service.


For wholesale inquiries, please contact info@picobotanica.com. To be eligible, your total order for Blue lotus flower must be at least 300 grams or 10 Packages


The service includes:

  • Complete picking, cutting, drying, packing and quality control process.

  • Packing the flowers into different weight according to your request (25g, 30g, 50g or 100g etc.)

  • Labelling service (Stickers, Barcodes, FNSKU, UPC and everything else!)

  • Door to door worldwide shipping. (Amazon FBA, Third party fulfillment center or anywhere else!)


  • Minimum order for OEM: 3 Kilograms.

  • We offer 2 forms of blue lotus (Whole flower & 100% Petals & Stamens)

  • For any inquiries & more information, please contact our customer service at info@picobotanica.com.